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Responsibilities we take upon ourselves

Provide high quality entertainment, experienced and skilled technical staff, and be flexible and ready to make adjustments as situations or circumstances dictate.
Secure any necessary permits or licensing an event may call for.
Brainstorm options with the client and be able to incorporate their ideas and wishes. If something is genuinely not feasible, explain why and propose alternatives.
Listen closely to the client’s expectations including time frame, budget, and event needs.
Be open with the client and inform them of the status of preparations and the final plan for the event.

Our Mission

 Save your time the most efficient way. To unify the staff, to inspire for the more productive working to push the financial growth of your company.
The conference that is organized at the highest level of quality is sure to attract more potential partners and get their loyalty that will increase the
number of the profitable deals.

Why us ?

Successful projects require a balance of creativity and competent execution. These elements need to work together to achieve outstanding results.
Too often a great idea is let down by poor production techniques, or an idea is too production orientated or over-produced and lacking in creativity.
We strike the right balance between financial practicality and spectacular impact for our client.
We offer our clients the peace of mind that comes with having a solid, dependable and professional organization dedicated to creating exemplary
productions and events.
We as DECM® take pride in our work. We believe in working closely with our clients, and delivering on their expectations. We are both creative
and passionate about our work and it shows.

How we make design of your event

STUNNING EVENT DESIGN As the top event planning company we have remained at the forefront of event planning and design
Our party planners want your event to inspire a positive, creative and visceral response from guests the minute they arrive.
Whatever ambiance you envision, our event designers will introduce unique style to your venue to create a truly memorable atmosphere.
To begin exploring your options, contact us to speak with one of our professional event designers today.

You can order a FREE test design version of your event!

 Designing & Decorating Your Special Event Can Be Easy!

Just contact us  for a Fast Free Quote!!


Searching for the venue for an event


From the unique to traditional, the simple to the extraordinary, our corporate event planners can’t wait to show you our range of fantastic locations and venues.
To get started on your next event, contact us to speak with one of our friendly event planners today.

Development and preparation of the concept variants

Our event planners will exceed your expectations and shatter your preconceptions about just how incredible a professionally-planned event can be. Our dedication to detail and creativity allow us to craft unrivaled experiences for our clients and their guests. Whether it’s a conference, holiday office party, grand opening or product launch, our staff can plan and execute the perfect event for the occasion.

our team has the experience and service network to handle every aspect of your event. No matter what your event needs, our team will find a solution!

Booking all the services for the particular event
(hotel, equipment, artists, photo, video, etc)


Although important, it takes more than great event design and event production to make your event a success. Fortunately, we handle every aspect of your day so that you can focus on having a good time.

Conducting the event – the full control at the place of venue at all the stages

You don’t need to call six different party planners to handle all the separate aspects of your next get our full premium range of event services.

Our services include event design, event production, logistics, and print & digital marketing. To find out more, contact us to speak with a professional event planner.

There is no necessity to search and order the corresponding services

we have the whole cycle included Great event design begins with your chosen theme.Our event designers bring style to your chosen venue and will transform it into whatever world you choose. They create a unique design, look, and feel for your event and create the perfect atmosphere, whether your event calls for candlelight at the dinner table or strobe lights on the dance floor. We arrange for everything you need to set the stage for your event, including painted backdrops, props, and exotic plants if required. They can also design unique printed invitations for you and assist with the guest list and mailing.

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